Coffee with Owen!

Top 10 questions from Dad:

1. What is your favorite food? – Pepperoni Pizza- Papa John’s with the garlic sauce.

2. Favorite Subject at School? – Going to the principal’s office…… Math

3. Favorite TV Show? – Zooboomafu

4. Favorite Sport? – Football. Who going to win the super bowl? Denver

5. Favorite Movie? – minions movie

6. Best Friend? – Sai, he’s my lifelong friend

7. Favorite City? – Seattle

8. Favorite Book? – Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief

9. Favorite Color? – Gray

10. What is your favorite thing to do? Eat Lunch! I am always hungry!

There you have it folks! A little insight into the mind of our 9 year old boy Owen!

Luke’s First Solo Snowboard Run

Finally back at the mountain!
Nate waxing all our gear…

Chairlift with Owen…

AND Luke snowboarded an entire run on his own! No harness!!

Video from Dad:

For the record, his motivator was being able to print “two prints”, i.e. choose images from Google to print out at home and tape on his wall. This kid is obsessed with pictures! Owen’s motivation/reward for his first run was a WiiU game system. Hilarious.

Luke turns 5!!!!!!

Luke you turned 5 on Monday November 30th! We are very excited to have such a big grown up boy. Luke you are full of laughter, kindness, a bit of stubbornness and in the last year you have exploded as an artist. You take piano lessons at River school, you take soccer classes with Super Soccer Stars like your bother, but also take soccer at River school too! You are a funny boy and here are some recent answers to our most pressing questions!

1. Who is your best friend? Joseph
3. What is your favorite TV show? SpongeBob
4. What is your favorite food? Mac and cheese
5. What is your favorite treat? Kit Kat
6. What is your favorite city? Hamilton Square (favorite city)
7. What is your favorite toy? All of my presents (we let you open your birthday presents before school and they included a remote control dinosaur, a sweet Disney Infinity Star Wars figure from Owen, and a Chewbacca nerf shooter)!
8. What is your favorite movie? SpongeBob the Movie.
9. What is your favorite sport? Football- who does the jets play? Football. I like football.
10. What is your favorite thing about school? Playing in the play ground.
11. Who is your favorite teacher? Miss Bo
12. What is your favorite thing to do? Play in the play ground and play in the house (w/ Owen)!

Here are a few pictures from your birthday party at River School. We came today and had cupcakes, gave our PawPatrol birthday party favors and read a few books. One was Skippy Jon Jones, Lost in Spice and one was Dinosaur vs. the Potty. All of your friends loved your favorite books.

We love you so much and can’t wait to see you grow into a little sweet man!

Owen’s 3rd Grade School Picture

Owen, you’re 3rd grade school pic arrived today, just in time for your last day as an 8-year old.  Words can’t describe what an amazing part of our family you are.  Right now, you are rapidly turning from a boy into a strong, kind young man and we could not be more proud of you.  At least a couple times a week, I comment to your dad or even myself (I even tell you all the time) that you and Luke are our dream kids.  We can’t believe our luck in how much you love football, soccer, snowboarding, tennis, brain games…all the things we love too and now get to do alongside you.  You are thoughtful, kind and have this sweet, gentle soul.  And you are funny.  Oh man, you can sass your Dad and I like no other.  The amount of sarcasm and hilarious jabs in our family has gone up exponentially and in the best way possible.

This year you are starting to realize that so many good things in life are hard work.  Our wish is for you to continue to grow into the strong, respectful, humorous, and good person that you are, knowing that hard work and a love of learning will take you almost anywhere in life.  We love you Owen.

Tomorrow?  Hello tween Owen.


Stevens 3rd Grade (age 8) – September 18th, 2015


Stevens 2nd Grade (age 7) – October 13th, 2014


Stevens 1st Grade (age 7) – December 9th, 2013


Stevens Kindergarten (age 5) – September 19, 2012

screen shot 2012 04 10 at 10 20 05 am

River School “Giraffes 2” class (age 5) – Mar 2012


Newport Children’s School in Bellevue, WA (age 4) –  Mar 23, 2011

River School “Monkeys” (age 3) – March 2, 2010

Picture People  – (age 2) 2009 

River School “Penguins” (age 1) – 2008

River School “Tiny Tigers” – 2007