Luke: “Do you know how much I love you? One hundred million ‘dillion’ one thousand one hundred… Actually no I love you goo-goo plex.”


🙂 emoticon from Luke

Luke’s School Pic – (age 5)

He did it! Luke took a sweet smiling school picture – his last school photo for River School! So sweet and handsome – love this boy so much. It’s his last year at River School and it’s so hard to believe that in three short months, Luke will graduate and it will be the first time in over 9 years that we haven’t had one of our boys in River School. We are so obsessed with being with this kid…going on trips, mommy or daddy dates, participating in class, going on his field trips, taking him to sports classes, adventures…but no matter what it still feels so fast. Okay I’m going to try not to perpetually treat him like a baby just because he’s the youngest, but appreciating every little moment with this one.

Here he is in past school photos:


March 3, 2016 (age 5) – Giraffes


April 2015 (age 4) – Monkeys

20140318 riverschool 7 kangaroos portrait 16

March 2014 (age 3) -Kangaroos

screen shot 2013 04 08 at 1 19 35 pm

April 2013 (age 2) – Bears

screen shot 2012 04 10 at 10 21 44 am

March 15, 2012 (15-months) – Penguins

And a repost of home photos like we did last year…

February 8th, 2012 (14-months) - at home

February 8th, 2012 (14-months) – at home JC


Nov 2011 (11-months) – at home JC


Aug 2011 (9-months) – at home Jersey City


May 2011 (5-months) – at home Renton


March 21, 2011 (3-months) – at home Renton


December 3rd, 2010 (3 days old) – at home Renton


November 30th, 2010 (born at Swedish Hospital in Seattle at 9 lbs 8.6 oz)

What an amazing ride it been with you Luke.  You came into this world big, sweet and strong-minded and to this day you’re still proving that you’re the boss of the house.

Owen’s Last Basketball Game

On Saturday Owen had his final game of the year for the 3rd grade Steven’s Red team. This was a really special game since they were playing the Steven’s 3rd Grade White team. Each team has about 15 players on them so, playing time all season was a premium. For this last game Owen’s team had a bunch of his friends: Nico, Lawton, Vir, Mamoun vs. Gio, Sai, Rhyan and Russell. The game was intense with Gio scoring a bucket in the first half and Lawton getting one out of 2 free throws. The game started to get a bit out of hand when a new player for the Steven’s White Team, Oscar, was subbed in. It was the first time anyone had seen him play, but he score 4 points in the course of 2 minutes. Which put the score up to 6 to 2. Then Owen and Mamoun were subbed in. They are the muscle, the beef cakes that plug up the middle and slam on the brakes of the other teams offense. For the final 4 minutes of the first half Owen had at least 2 steals and 6 rebounds. He took 4 or so shots, but luck was not on his side and none of them went in. But the energy was there, and the new kid Oscar was shut down for the rest of the half.

At the start of the second half the score was 6 to 4 and it was still a close game. When Oscar came back in he scored 6 points in the course of 2 minutes taking the score to 12 to 4. Things where not looking good. Then the bruisers came back in. Team White didn’t score another point the rest of the game, but Red had some ground to make up. Owen was really hustling and every chance got to fire off a shot, he took, all of them good looks, but nothing was going in. First Nico got a shot off and cut the lead to 6. Then I really feel like Owen started to take over. Ever shot taken by White, Owen was there to grab the rebound. When someone was trying to drive the lane, Owen was there. When there was a turnover Owen was hustling down the court looking to take the advantage, you could hear him calling for the ball, asking for the chance. With about one minute to play Nico took a shot the rebound bounced to Mamoun who passed it back to Nico. Nico was in a double team, turns around passes the ball to Owen, who shoots without hesitation! Bank shot in! With big screams from Mom and Dad, Owen gives us a “DID YOU SEE THAT!! BOOYAH!” look. Now it is a 4 point game with 30 seconds to go. With under one minute we can full court press. The press is on, we get a quick steal and a shot off. Oh no, the ball careens out of bounds. Oh no, 9 seconds left and a 4 point game. White passes the ball in under heavy pressure. Sai gets the ball he is triple teamed, Owen hustles over snatches the ball from Sai, 4 seconds to go.

Then all goes into slow motion. Owen drives down the right side of the court, no one is open he is triple teamed, 1 second to go, he just gets the shot off…….BANKS IT IN! He hits the buzzer beater and they don’t win, but the final score is 10 to 12. Owen had the final 4 points for his team. He also hit that shot with a triple team, he didn’t lose control of the ball and the was a straight hustler. He didn’t get flustered, he totally channelled that cool Mom style that doesn’t get flustered, doesn’t get worried, just taking care of business.

I was so proud I had to keep my hat low to keep from tearing up! Way to go Owen, you have progressed so much this year, you are working hard, running hard and never giving up. We are so proud of you!

Owen at age 9

Owen, I would describe you at age 9 as sweet, thoughtful, funny, smart, joyful, and witty with a lot of that Meagher sarcasm and sass required in this family. You are still your sweet sensitive self – you still won’t watch “scary” movies like Jurassic World or Star Wars, even with us prodding you! I tell you this all the time, but you are such a joy to watch. It makes us so happy to see you try hard at whatever you do. I am so enjoying learning the piano all over again with you, as you learn chords and progressions in ways I never did until high school. You are learning all about how to use those notes to create a ‘feeling’ which is just so amazing. You are rapidly improving every time you play basketball, and are such a star at the free throw line and when your going for the rebound. It’s so amazing watching your dad and you bond over sports and seeing him coach you in football, soccer and basketball. And yes, your crazy parents will back off eventually, but right now you love being with us and we are taking full advantage!!

In any case, it’s hard not to just list a bunch of amazing skills of yours you would see on a job application or something, but you are learning so much that it’s just exciting. Here’s a snapshot of things you love.

Things you love:
* football – playing it, watching it, talking about it.
* basketball – you’ve got a good shot and are amazing at defense! Stevens 3/4Red is your first school team!
* snowboarding
* MasterChef Junior – you are obsessed and got our whole family obsessed
* Percy Jackson – at one point you read one of the books in four days. you devour these like you did with Harry Potter
* comics like Calvin and Hobbs and The Far Side
* cozying up in your giant bed (now the bottom bunk converted into a giant king size fort of some sort) with all your stuffed animals, bibi and reading a stack of books
* presidents & historical figures – clearly you get your dad’s nerdy side
* your Saturday video game time – another obsession of you and your brother’s
* your Sunday time with church buddies usually followed by major vegging out at home

* your afternoon routine – homework, piano, a snack of strawberries, a games with mom

* library visits and afternoons with mom
* coffee mornings and sports with dad
* scooting to your piano lessons
* dj’ing in the car – favorite group: Pentatonix
* your brother – singing, lip syncing, dancing, wrestling, racing (constantly), hiding, snuggling, yelling, rock paper scissors ‘whatever you want to do’,
* eating like a teenager – inhaling bean burritos and hamburgers

* first overnight school trip
* first sleepover at your buddy lawton’s
* first school sports team – basketball

*first off-broadway show – Stomp

I think we’re doing pretty good at not posting a bunch of social media pictures of you that you will be embarrassed by later in life! But sometimes, we just can’t hold it in and have to share on this little journey we are on with you. You are such a joy and we are so lucky to have you as a son. Keep doing what you are doing! We love you.

Luke at age 5 “and a half”

Luke, at 5 you are in a stage where literally everything that comes out of your mouth is so adorable and hilarious you always have us laughing out loud and we want to kiss and squeeze you at all times. You are also the loudest and strongest of all of us and know how to get your way with your classic Luke charm.
You are venturing off on your own now in things like Tae Kwon Do and soccer, where you are a very serious, athletic and attentive listener. Who knew our crazy little guy would be such a good student??

Favorite things about you right now…

* your major obsession with the color green
* your OCD-ness about arts and crafts. your need to create/draw/cut/tape every minute of the day.
* your obsession with single books at a time. right now, the crayon book.

* making us smell your minty breath every night
* scamming for water and snacks to avoid bedtime
* morning snuggles that require “under back scratch” and “tickle my elbows”
* talking at the same exact time as everyone else…but louder
* your love of baking and pulling a chair up to the kitchenaid
* favorite shows: Big Block Sing Song, Masterchef Junior
* favorite song: Kung Fu Fighting
* need to push the elevator button first and then hold the door open until the very last person leaves. then you jump out as if the door was about the squash us all.
* the need to race at everything – first to the elevator, first to the button, first to the car, first to buckle in. You love to say “I win!”
* you and your brother running through the lobby, hiding behind the planters, then the front desk, then in the mailboxes, then under chairs, before jumping out and ‘surprising’ us at the elevator.

Other favorite things you say:
“Whapupout” = what about
“TreeTrometry” = geometry
“That’s a great idea!”
“Seriously. I did do that.”
“circle tape” = double sided tape for wall art
“i’m a good boy.”

“i’m five and a half” (this ‘half’ has been very important to you…since the day after your 5th birthday)

“Can you snuggle me?”

* your first solo chairlift run snowboarding up at Hunter Mtn… at age 5!
* moving to the top bunk!!

* first off-broadway show: Stomp

We love you Luke! You are growing up fast and we are so proud of the little man you are becoming.

Scenes from your Giraffes class at River School:


Luke: Mommmmy, can you come here. (He is in the tub)
Dad: Hey Luke what’s up?
Luke: I asked for mommy!
Dad: she is taking care of business and can’t help right now… Luke: Maybe YOU should take care of BUSINESS!