Field Trip to Turtle Back Zoo

Lukie and I had a great one at Turtle Back Zoo with the whole Giraffe and Monkey class from river school.

It was so much fun, we got to hang out all day. At the end Lukie told me that I was his buddy. So freaking cute, love that boy!

Stuff Luke Says

Luke you are 4 and a half years old and you are hilarious. Everything you say is really funny, and we love hearing your voice.

Luke: Daddy, monster is really sad. yeah, the people wanted to Xstroy him. Now he is Xstroyed.
Me: Aww Luke that is sad.
Luke: Oh wait. He is really sick….but I give him medicine….oh look, he is better!


Luke: I coughed 100 times at school today. No, one hundred one hundred’s, So much times. Wait no, One hundred one thousands, no one thousand one hundreds. Thats a lot. Thats a lot of money….!
Then he runs off smiling to himself.

Snuggling in his bed.

Me: Luke what is this drawing you did on the bottom of Owen’s bed.
Luke: Oh thats a mountain and thats Target. Where you get to pick out a toy.
Me: Really, that fun.
Luke: Yeah, it has a slide from the mountain to Target. Actually, it is a snowy mountain. I love the snow. I like to eat it. I love the snow.
Me: You’re a silly goose.
Luke: no you’re as silly goose!
Me: What, you can’t call me a silly goose.
Luke: You are one hundred silly goose!!!

Me: Luke Mommy said I should ask you to show me Mike Wazowski.
Luke: Oh, he is right here. He has light green robot arms. They are brand new.
Me: Really!?
Luke: Yeah, here is his giant eye. He only has one eye.
Me: Yeah his eye is really big.
Luke: I wish I had one eye.
Me: Really, what would you look like with one eye.
Luke: I would look reaaally creepy!

Luke you are brilliant! Your mother and I love you so much.

Owen’s Graduation Performances

Owen’s Graduation Performances throughout the years…it goes so fast.  Love you Owen!


2nd Grade (June 10th, 2015):


1st Grade:




Pre K:


…his favorite thing in Pre-K… (who knew he’d be coding by 2nd grade)

Luke School Pics – (age 4)

I’m a little bit speechless.  Listen, when he left for school his hair was nice and combed over. Apparently right before the pictures were taken he had to make sure he had proper “soccer hair” and proceeded to comb his hair up with his fingers.  It’s hard not to love this boy.  Even when his hair is this ridiculous.

Here he is in past school photos:


April 2015 (age 4) – Monkeys

20140318 riverschool 7 kangaroos portrait 16

March 2014 (age 3) -Kangaroos

screen shot 2013 04 08 at 1 19 35 pm

April 2013 (age 2) – Bears

screen shot 2012 04 10 at 10 21 44 am

March 15, 2012 (15-months) – Penguins

And some home photos too!!!  Love our sweet and crazy baby.

February 8th, 2012 (14-months) - at home

February 8th, 2012 (14-months) – at home JC


Nov 2011 (11-months) – at home JC


Aug 2011 (9-months) – at home Jersey City


May 2011 (5-months) – at home Renton


March 21, 2011 (3-months) – at home Renton


December 3rd, 2010 (3 days old) – at home Renton


November 30th, 2010 (born at Swedish Hospital in Seattle at 9 lbs 8.6 oz)

Thank you for coming into the world and being part of our family Lukie.  We love you  more than you will ever know.