Owen’s 3rd Grade School Picture

Owen, you’re 3rd grade school pic arrived today, just in time for your last day as an 8-year old.  Words can’t describe what an amazing part of our family you are.  Right now, you are rapidly turning from a boy into a strong, kind young man and we could not be more proud of you.  At least a couple times a week, I comment to your dad or even myself (I even tell you all the time) that you and Luke are our dream kids.  We can’t believe our luck in how much you love football, soccer, snowboarding, tennis, brain games…all the things we love too and now get to do alongside you.  You are thoughtful, kind and have this sweet, gentle soul.  And you are funny.  Oh man, you can sass your Dad and I like no other.  The amount of sarcasm and hilarious jabs in our family has gone up exponentially and in the best way possible.

This year you are starting to realize that so many good things in life are hard work.  Our wish is for you to continue to grow into the strong, respectful, humorous, and good person that you are, knowing that hard work and a love of learning will take you almost anywhere in life.  We love you Owen.

Tomorrow?  Hello tween Owen.


Stevens 3rd Grade (age 8) – September 18th, 2015


Stevens 2nd Grade (age 7) – October 13th, 2014


Stevens 1st Grade (age 7) – December 9th, 2013


Stevens Kindergarten (age 5) – September 19, 2012

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River School “Giraffes 2” class (age 5) – Mar 2012


Newport Children’s School in Bellevue, WA (age 4) –  Mar 23, 2011

River School “Monkeys” (age 3) – March 2, 2010

Picture People  – (age 2) 2009 

River School “Penguins” (age 1) – 2008

River School “Tiny Tigers” – 2007

Luke’s Field Trips

Luke is such a little man right now…he loves pre-school, having his crew of little friends and being a big boy!  I’m still holding on to his baby-ness as much as possible, part of which is being a chaperone for his school field trips whenever I can.  This boy LOVES field trips…he’s just giddy when we get on the bus and keeps saying “I’m so exciiiiited!”

Norz Hill Farm from today!

And The Dinosaur Field Station from July 30, 2015

And Dad chaperoned at Turtle Back Zoo over the summer too (previous post). Yup. We’re those parents.

Also Owen is off to his first school overnight trip with his 3rd grade class today!  (He did do one at Lakeview over the summer, but for some reason this one feels like such a rite of passage!)


Love these boys!